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The newbie biodegradable baby shoes - Yellow

The newbie biodegradable baby shoes - Yellow

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Meet the Woolybubs Newbie.  We designed your baby’s first pair of shoes for epic crawls, wild wobbles, and spectacular spills. Not only are they super cute,  but they're the world's first biodegradable baby shoe.  So don’t feel bad when your baby outgrows these because they're not headed for a landfill.





How To Make Your Shoes Disappear
Yes, your shoes really do biodegrade and dissolve. Here’s how.

We all know there’s enough waste out there as it is. Your Woolybubs shoes never have to be another thing that ends up in the landfill. Once your kid outgrows them, there are three simple ways to make them disappear.

1. Boil 'em.
Bring a pot of water to a boil. Toss the shoes in the pot for 30 to 40 minutes. Because we make the shoes out of a pretty innovative polymer, they’ll dissolve into a non-toxic monomer. Just give the pot a stir and then pour the liquid down the drain.
2. Compost 'em.
While we don’t recommend throwing them in the “green bins” available in many cities, Woolybubs shoes will eventually biodegrade in any industrial compost facility.
3. Send 'em back.
Don’t want to deal with your old shoes? We get it. Life is busy and we don’t all have time to boil our shoes. But that’s kind of what we do for a living. Just send your shoes back to us and we’ll be happy to compost them for you.



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