Eco Rascals


We’re eco rascals. A British brand designed to make parents lives easier and kid’s mealtimes happier.

As two Mums, we’re well aware of the challenges faced in everyday parenting and we’ve had plenty of ‘feeding time at the zoo’ moments in our houses. Most children eat five times a day. Breakfast – Snack – Lunch – Snack -Dinner. We wanted to make this part of your day that little bit easier.

Our other mission, which is the most important of all, was to make these stylish, super suction bowls eco-friendly. Who wants to go to all the trouble of preparing great food and then serve it up on plastic and melamine which could potentially leech toxins into your kids food?

Plastic is quickly becoming a worldwide no no. We all know that nearly every piece of plastic made today is still on the earth. It’s floating in our oceans and endangering our wildlife or it’s on one of those dumping mountains that we’re all so grateful that we don’t live beside – but some people aren’t that fortunate.

No, plastic wasn’t our answer even though it is much cheaper and quicker to manufacturer.

Instead, we went on the hunt for a sustainable alternative. Which is when we stumbled across bamboo. The fastest growing plant in the world which is grown and harvested without the use of pesticides.

Okay, it loses points for not being able to chuck in the dishwasher but that’s small price to pay to protect our planet and ensure that your kids are eating from something non-toxic.

Thanks, Kristina and Celeidh

Our Ethos
Ethical luxury for next generation rascals.
We are committed to innovating and producing eco-friendly children products.
We want to make the lives of parents and caregivers easier.
We are dedicated to making sustainable stylish.
We aim to build a business that positively contributes to local communities both socially and environmentally.
We want the best for our children and yours too.