Coco Village

"The environment is at the hear of Coco Village's priorities and we work very hard every day to offer a greener future to our children"

We are committed to protecting our planet for a better future for our little humans.

A daily commitment 

Our place…
In order to cater to the exponential growth of Coco Village, construction of new offices began in 2020. The goal? Create a space that is both inviting and user-friendly, as well as adhere to the highest ecological standards. In December of 2020, each team progressively (only occasionally and while wearing a mask, respecting the COVID-19 safety measures in place!) made their way into their new work environment, filled with natural sunlight designed to minimize Coco Village’s impact on the environment. 
Coco Village Offices - office entrance

On top of taking advantage of the sun rays to reduce our energy consumption, the building is also heated with natural gas. Over 150 plants have been placed between the 2 floors, surrounding employees by greenery to help purify the air (as well as boosting morale and focus, a proven effect these plants have!).


Coco Village offices - Living space

The kitchen is equipped with (beautiful!) reusable tableware to limit the use of plastic as much as possible. Recycling is also highly encouraged both in the kitchen and everywhere on premises, including the warehouse.

Coco Village - Offices - Kitchen

In hopes of having our efforts reach beyond the office space, electric car charging stations are located in the parking lot for employees to benefit from, and carpooling is highly encouraged (post COVID, once everyone is back to the office, of course!)

Coco Village Offices - Meeting Room

… Just like yours!

Offering you items at the highest quality possible is important to us, that’s why we select environmentally respectful materials from sustainable sources.

Every thin coat of (water-based) paint and lacquer on our wooden toys and furniture are eco-friendly and non-toxic. In 2021, we will be launching a new collection of bed linen and accessories for your little ones, made from 100% organic cotton. We are committed to leave behind polyester, always prioritizing materials that are recycled, recyclable, and natural.

And for tomorrow

Tomorrow, it will be your little humans, our precious upcoming generations, that will make a difference. And if we make a daily effort to reduce our impact, we truly believe this will be the foundation for a long lasting change for our planet. This starts with us and the choices we make for them.

Choosing to teach them how to move dailyrespect nature, and make better choices for our planet - all starts today and will carry over to the future. Teach them how to ride a bike so that tomorrow, they choose their pedals instead of getting behind the wheel. Let’s be their role models and show them the way to better habits.

Because only concrete actions can make a difference.